Design Patterns - Gamma et al.

The Design Patterns book by Erich Gamma, Richard Helm, Ralph Johnson and John Vlissides (also known as Gang of Four (GoF)) has become standard in software engineering in recent years. The book describes a set of common problems in object-oriented software design and provides simple and elegant solutions to them (the GoF Patterns). The use of some of the provided patterns is given in form of a case study that clearly shows their advantage. The book is an extensive reference including trade-offs, implementation details, sample source code and possible relations between patterns.

Cover of Design Patterns

Modern C++ Design - Andrei Alexandrescu

In this book Andrei Alexandrescu combines generic programming with design patterns and shows C++ specific implementations. Everybody who intensivly worked with C++ has recognized some of its pecularities. The author demonstrates how to avoid most of them and delivers an extensive, policy-based framework. The chapter about smart pointers is a must read for everyone that uses C++.

Cover of Modern C++ Design

Black Art of 3D Game Programming - André LaMothe

This book is a very nice one. I recommend this book to everybody, who is new to 3D game programming and wants to really understand all topics in detail and not only to use predefined routines. The whole source code in this book is written for DOS. It includes the use of the VGA card, file formats, input devices, interrupts, wireframe rendering, solid modeling and shading, hidden surface removal, lighting and transformations. He also simplifies the most intrigate game components, like voxel graphics, artificial intelligence, modem communications and digital sound.

Cover of Black Art of 3D Game Programming